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  • 05 JAN, 2022


Picture this; you’ve now selected which stream you would like to go for, you’ve also figured out which field you are most likely to settle in, but now that you’re in search of a good career coaching institute, your search is never ending. You’ve visited numerous institutes, talked with educators you thought would turn out to be the best options for you, but well, none of it really worked out. So you’re now sitting at your couch, wondering how you’ll be able to find a good coaching institute and just then, you stumble upon our website.

Why finding the best career coaching institute is an important deal? Why there’s a constant need to have a good mentor to look up to? If these are the questions you are looking the answers for, then let me tell you, we have got it all covered for you.

When you want to go out, reach to a particular place… what is usually the first alternative that comes in your mind? C’mon think about it, you know where you’d want to be, you know from where to start and what is your actual destination but still you’d need a navigating device which will help you reach your destination no? Well that’s how a good career coaching institute will help you in your quest to reach to your destination. We at UKIC are determined towards helping our students in achieving their dreams. A good career coaching institute helps you find a pathway through which you’ll be able to reach your goals easily. If you’ve chosen commerce and a good coaching is what you’re looking for yourself and your child, UKIC can probably be the best option you’ll ever get. An Institute where each and every students is treated equally, each and every student’s dreams are respected and worked up on, where a mentor like Dr. Udayan Kachchhy is always there to have their students’ backs, having so many perks of its own you just can’t come up with a better option than UKIC.

It’s necessary to have a good guiding light in your path of achieving your future goals, a good mentor does that work for you. We as humans are used to always having a guardian or a mentor around us who lets us know what to do and what not to, what steps should be taken and how to be taken. If for once we’re deprived of a guardian we tend to lose focus, starting to divert from our paths and start going into a completely different direction which sums up the fact for us that maybe we will never be able to attain things without having a mentor. A mentor does not always has to be someone whom you know in real life, a mentor can also be someone whom you look up to. It doesn’t matter even if he/she’s a public figure. For a student who has taken up commerce, Dr. Udayan Kachchhy can turn out to be one of the best mentors one could’ve ever imagined of. He’s considerate of his students, he knows the field from its core, he’s got the required experience, is a PhD holder… what else could one demand of?

Another reason why coaching classes are important at this stage is that till now children used to listen to their parents. The parent-child relationship used to be healthier and more transparent than how it is at this stage. At this stage and age children tend to become more and more ignorant towards others and start developing a narcissistic ideology. Earlier there were days when parents were able to influence their decisions and even they used to listen to whatever their parents had to say but with their overall mental and physical development at this age you can’t control them anymore. This is another reason why one requires a good coaching institute so that the relationship/communication which he/she has lost with their parents can be nurtured at the coaching institutes where they’re going. Students need to be treated in a specific way now that they’ve grown up and sometimes layperson are unable to handle their tantrums, for this too coaching institutes are needed to instil better values into them, to give an insight about world to them, which they are about to explore.

We at UKIC try to shape our students into corporate-worthy individuals, shaped to think out of the box, determined to achieve something in their life, always ready to bag the spotlight wherever they go. We design future leaders and not just followers. We sacrifice our present for our children’s future. There’s no chance of having any doubts, now that you’ve come this far reading this blog and even if there’s any, we request you to give us a call or drop by our institute and see it for yourself. Have faith in us and you won’t regret for a bit about your decision of joining hands with us.

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