The bachelor of commerce degree provides students with a broad range of managerial skills and knowledge in a particular area of business. This course load also includes core business principles. Programs typically require core courses in areas such as Accountancy, Auditing, Taxation, Laws and statistics. Most students also take other courses related to business.UKIC Online is known for best and affordable online coaching of B.Com for Gujarat University students.

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About Course

Once you have opted for bachelor of commerce, your journey begins with class Sem-1 and continues till Sem-6. This is where several important concepts and topics of commerce are introduced to the students for the first time. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to thoroughly teach these topics to the students.

There are core subjects: Financial Accountancy, Economics, Management Accounting, Statistics, Taxation, Business Laws, Auditing, Cost Accounting, Management and other subjects. These subjects include such topics which are not only important for studies but also help in various phases of life where financial dealing take place. That is why we at UKIC find it necessary to teach these subjects in such a way that they are engraved in the minds of the students for the rest of their lives; the result of which also becomes evident in their mark sheet. We strive to establish an interrelation among these subjects so that meaningful learning can take place.

That is why UKIC is known online classes for class B.Com. During online learning, we strive to reach each student at a personal level, as a result of which UKIC is the best online classes for class B.Com for Gujarat University. Once you join us at UKIC, your journey will certainly get the head start it deserves.

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    Trainer Led-Live Online Classes

    Trainer Led Online Classes
    Online Classes
    Fees :
    ₹4000/Semester + Taxes

    What's Included


    • All video lectures on Financial Accounting,Management Accounting, Economics, Management, Stats, Auditing, Taxation and Business Laws.
    • PDF related to MCQ of each and every chapter.
    • Pre-Lecture Notes before the starting of the Lecture.
    • Self-Paced Quiz for Practice and Evaluation of your Knowledge
    • Live sessions for some topics
    • Mentoring for Masters directly from Udayan Sir
    • Access to Exclusive Whatsapp Group
    • Direct One to One contact with UKIC Team
    • Live MCQ Quiz to remove the fear of Exams.
    • Structured Post Lecture Notes
    • Solution of sums after Lecture
    • Everything in a structured Manner
    • No BOMBING of Lectures
    • Lectures as per the schedule
    • Two-way Communication


    How to get a Special elite Membership?

    Register on mobile number +919016956622 Price for the Course

    * Just ₹ 4000( Less than Petrol and Fast Food monthly Bill) (Inclusive of All Taxes)

    Which subjects are covered in the course?

    We provide online lectures for Sem-1 and 2 for Financial Accountancy, Corporate Accountancy Economics, Management, and Statistics. For Sem-3 and 4 Bcom we provide online lecture for Accountancy, Cost Accounting, Management, Taxation, Auditing, Economics and Statistics. For Bcom Sem-5 and 6 lecture provided for Accountancy, Cost Accounting, Management, Business Laws, Auditing, Economics and Statistics

    When and at what time Lectures are conducted?

    Lecture will be online and it will be uploaded on predetermined time so that student can learn by watching the sessions at their own time. As soon as we upload the lecture we will inform the students in our exclusive enrolled students group

    No. of lectures?

    More than 80 Lectures

    Is it for all?

    No Only for Selected 250 Students and Not for All.

    Who should not join this course?

    The students who are lazy

    * The students who don’t want to be successful in life.

    * Those students who don’t want to score excellent marks in B.Com.

    * Those students who want just Last Minute IMP only.

    Are there any Guest Lectures, Industrial Visit or Campus Visit?

    At UKIC we firmly believe that student can gain the complete knowledge of theory if it is taught by blending it with practical experience. So we have special sessions as well as workshop for students as well as for parents.

    Can I get the soft copy of the notes?

    Yes, you can get the soft copy of the notes.

    Are there any practice Sums included in practical subjects?

    Yes, in practical subjects we do provide practice sums if necessary. But the sums taught in the class are more than sufficient.

    What to Do after buying the course online?

    Contact our admin team +91 7046094587. They will allot you the batch and guide you with your time table and Back up procedures.

    How to ask doubts?

    Our content has been created and curated in such a way that it can be easily understood. Separate doubt-solving video lectures are also provided with the package which is taken live to ensure that doubts are solved. But still, if you have any doubts, a comments section is provided where you may ask your doubts. Also, you may contact our faculty by taking a prior appointment through the phone number +91 7046094587 or via email –

    What content is provided in doubt solving?

    Step-wise solutions of all the difficult as well as essential examples and practice exercise questions where students are bound to have doubts or make mistakes.

    Is there any restriction on the number of devices that can access UKIC Online?

    Yes. A maximum of 1 device can log in at a time. You can Use in 1 Web browser and 1 Mobile Apps (IOS or Android). If a found other device logs in, an error is displayed. Don’t worry Call on Technical number +91 8160899431

    What to do in case of Technical Error?

    Kindly visit the technical FAQ page for the same.

    Is there any refund Policy?

    As it is any intangible product we don’t provide any kind of refund nor we transfer the membership. Also visit out page related to terms of use and refund policy.