12th Comm (CBSE)

A business has numerous transactions and we need to decide which accounts are to be debited and credited. There are at least two effects of a transaction: one on the debit side and another on the credit side. This course deals with the process of systematic recording of business transactions.

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About Course

Class 12th is the final school year. It is through hard work and perseverance through which the students have reached this stage. We know this very well and are here to guide them for a better future.

Once the foundation is introduced to the students in class 11th, more complex concepts are to be learnt by the students in class 12th. Here, we teach all the essential aspects of CBSE Class 12 Commerce. We not only provide three main subjects i.e. Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics but also we provide add ons Mathematics and English. Therefore, these topics have to be taught to the students in such a way that all the concepts become clear to them. Physical as well as online classes for class 12 Commerce CBSE are available.

We at UKIC are experts at doing this. We understand through years of experience how to inculcate these complex concepts in the students in a simplified manner. Because of which we excel at providing offline as well as online classes for CBSE 12th commerce.

In online classes as well, we strive to focus on each student at a personal level so that they can progress at their own comfortable pace. That is why UKIC is the best online classes for class 12 commerce. Join us now for a better future!.

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    Trainer Led-Live Online ClassesClassroom Training

    Trainer Led-Live Online Classes
    Live Online Classes
    Fees :
    ₹45000 + (Accounts, Economics and BS) + Taxes
    Classroom Training
    Face to face Classes
    Fees :
    ₹65000+ (Accounts, Economics and OC) + Taxes
    What's Included


    • Highly Interactive Classes
    • Engaging Content
    • Printed Notes of theory Subjects
    • Recording of the Live Class
    • Reporting via WhatsApp, Email and SMS
    • Weekly two Exam conduction
    • Solutions of Weekly exams for Model Answers
    • Complete report for HW and Assignment
    • Special Counselling sessions for career guidance
    • Guest Lectures for all round development


    Which subjects are covered in the course?

    We provide Classes for Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies.

    Can I attend the lecture offline?

    Yes if you had taken admission for offline sessions you can definitely attend the offline class.

    Which Book do you prefer for each Subjects?

    For Accountancy we prefer TS Grewal. In case of Business Studies we recommend NCERT textbook as well as Poonam Gandhi. While for Economics and Statistics we follow V K Ohri.

    When and at what time Lectures are conducted?

    Lectures are conducted as per the time table of the concerned batch allotted to the students. Normally in 12th all the lectures are conducted from Mon to Sat. Also during the weekdays we arrange all Mega batch quizzes, guest lectures and different activities for the students for extra development of the students.

    What will be the time frame for the completion of the course?

    The course is deigned in such a way that till December we will complete the course and then there will be revision of the all the important topics.

    What is included in Revision session?

    The revision will be distributed in 3 systematic phase. The first phase will have chapter wise revision and exam. While the next 2 phase will be related to the improving score in Board Exams (CBSE Board Exams)

    Are there any Guest Lectures, Industrial Visit or Campus Visit?

    At UKIC we firmly believe that student can gain the complete knowledge of theory if it is taught by blending it with practical experience. So we have special sessions as well as workshop for students as well as for parents.

    How to enrol for the course?

    Firstly student need to decide whether he/she wanted to join the online class or offline session. Then accordingly student can pay the fees online or at institute. Also, student can contact on +91 7046094587 for further guidance.

    How to access the course after buying it online?

    After buying the course, within 24 hours log-in again and in my course section you will get access. For any assistance after purchase of course contact on +91 7046094587

    How will I get all the notes of UKIC?

    After enrolling in the course, we will courier of the hard copy of all the notes at your place.

    Can I get the soft copy of the notes?

    Yes, you can get the soft copy of the notes. You can request it. By calling us on +91 7046094587

    What happens if I miss the any class?

    Normally we suggest that missing the lecture will impact the learning of the subject. But if there is any unavoidable situation then don’t worry all the online live lectures will have recording of the sessions so in that case nothing will be missed out.

    What to Do after buying the course online?

    Contact our admin team +91 7046094587. They will allot you the batch and guide you with your time table and Back up procedures.

    How to study after buying the course?

    The student will get a timetable beforehand so they know their schedule. The schedule for tests, exams and lectures are well planned so that the student can perform well. At the beginning of each lecture, the faculty introduces the topic and gives a brief before moving forward with the explanation. Also, during the lecture, faculties stress on points that are very important and must be learnt immediately. As the lecture progresses, the student will get a brief idea on how to study using the given study material.

    Will online teaching give the same justice as classroom teaching?

    At UKIC, we have been conducting online studies for the since 2016 years. Unlike other zoom classes, ours is a special website that creates easy access and makes it easier to study anytime, anywhere. The only thing missing would be a physical presence. Apart from that full justice would be given to teaching. Right from notes to lectures to tests and assessments. Papers are checked regularly and parents receive an SMS of marks. UKIC Online’s seamless teaching nearly makes you forget about the digital barrier. It is just like sitting in the class, from the comfort of your home. What’s more, this is not an emergency measure due to lockdown. UKIC’s tried and tested online teaching methods have received tremendous response for since 2016 and students love even the online lecture tests. This happens only on UKIC Online.

    What content is provided in the course at UKIC Online?

    For Accountancy TS Grewal will be preferred at starting and then CBSE Model Papers. It also includes Live Class for every subject and also PYQ (Previous year Questions). In addition to that notes (Before Lecture and After Lecture Notes) will be provided so all the chapters will be covered.

    For Economics and BS (Organisation of Commerce) – Live Class, Notes related to it and Quiz to evaluate after Lecture.

    All the marks of Weekly Test, MCQ Exam and other exams will be sent to parents and students via email, WhatsApp and SMS.

    Apart from that quizzes, specially created lecture tests, and regular exams will also be covered. For Eco and BS, students will get systematic notes of all chapters including live lectures, mind maps, quizzes, lecture tests and exams. Wholesome education from the comfort of your home- only with UKIC Online.

    How to ask doubts?

    Our content has been created and curated in such a way that it can be easily understood. Separate doubt-solving video lectures are also provided with the package which is taken live to ensure that doubts are solved. But still, if you have any doubts, a comments section is provided where you may ask your doubts. Also, you may contact our faculty by taking a prior appointment through the phone number +91 7046094587 or via email –

    What content is provided in doubt solving?

    Step-wise solutions of all the difficult as well as essential examples and practice exercise questions where students are bound to have doubts or make mistakes.

    Are there any Home-work or Assignment given to student?

    Yes. At UKIC Online, we believe that Home work (HW) and Assignment are useful in understanding the concepts done in the class. Also, we are eliminating the traditional method of HW checking as students have to upload the HW/ Assignment on our portal by the given time.

    Do I need to Home Work or Assignment if I have not attended Live Class?

    Yes student need to do the Home work or assignment even if the student had not attended the live class by looking at the recording of the live class at his/her connivence. This method will not allow any student to skip the lecture and also at the time of checking of Home work our faculty will get the insights of the students understanding.

    What if student have doubt in Home Work and Assignment?

    In case of any doubt or query, student can upload the assignment before time and while checking of the assignment we will sent the solution of the doubts. In addition to it if student still have doubt then they can contact the faculty during the Live class to solve their doubts.

    Can Parents know about the Home work status and Assignment of the student?

    Definitely yes. All the checked assignment report is sent to parents and students via WhatsApp, Email and SMS. Also, detailed report of the Home work report is available on the portal in the checked assignment section.

    How to know about the progress of Student?

    We believe that reporting is one of the important aspect for gaining the insights of the student performance. So for that matter we at UKIC Online send detailed monthly report to parents via Email and WhatsApp related to Attendance, Marks of Exam, Home and Assignment given to learners. That’s the reason parents trust UKIC Online as the best commerce institute of Gujarat for 11th Commerce

    Is any additional material required to be solved after this course?

    Well, our team of experts are working day and night to provide you with the best content. Past examination questions, Revision test papers, and Mock test papers developed by our faculty are provided. All this content is sufficient to score high marks in Exams.

    Is there any restriction on the number of devices that can access UKIC Online?

    Yes. A maximum of 1 device can log in at a time. You can Use in 1 Web browser and 1 Mobile Apps (IOS or Android). If a found other device logs in, an error is displayed. Don’t worry Call on Technical number +91 8160899431

    What to do in case of Technical Error?

    Kindly visit the technical FAQ page for the same.

    Is there any refund Policy?

    As it is any intangible product we don’t provide any kind of refund nor we transfer the membership. Also visit out page related to terms of use and refund policy.