With years of experience, hard work and highly qualified faculty, UKIC has not only helped a lot of commerce students to improve their academic performance but also satisfied their curiosity for practical knowledge. We combine modern technology with modern as well as traditional teaching methods to bring the best performance out of our students. Our staff strives to reach each student at a personal level so that their learning takes place as swiftly as possible. Through technology, we explain the concepts of commerce so creatively that the students understand each and every aspect of their studies. All of these factors prove UKIC as the best commerce coaching institute not only in Ahmedabad but also in Gujarat.

Highly Qualified Faculty
Unique Learning Experience
Learning through technology and creativity
Personalized online teaching
Available 24/7
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About UKIC

"We do not teach, we educate."

Established in 2015, UKIC is one of the best commerce coaching classes in Gujarat. Through hard work and dedication, our faculty passionately works towards improving students' performance. Our vision is to significantly transform the online learning experience through personalized teaching. Therefore, UKIC is also the best online class for commerce.

About Us

Awards and Accolades

Awards have been a prestigious part of our journey. UKIC has been honoured numerous times with reputable awards. It has also received wide recognition from several Non-Profit Organizations because of its hard work in the field of teaching.

Times Award 2017
Times Award 2019
Times Award 2021

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How to access the course after buying it?

Once you have bought the course, log in again. You will have access to your course in My Courses (add the link if possible).

How to study after buying the course?

After you have access to the course, we will provide you with a timetable beforehand. We have planned the schedules for tests, exams and lectures so scrupulously that you can perform well in the academic setting. At the beginning of each live session, the faculty will give a brief introduction to the topic that is to be learnt during the lecture. Furthermore, during the lecture, more focus will be given to important points. At the end of every session, you will have a detailed idea of studying using the given material.

Will online teaching give the same justice as offline classes?

At UKIC, we have been conducting online lectures since 2016, that is even before the lockdown. Unlike other institutions that provide zoom lectures, we have a special website that creates easy access for the students to study anytime, anywhere. Apart from that, we believe in giving full justice to teaching. We provide every necessary thing, from notes to lectures and tests to assessments, that is present during offline classes. Along with that, we also send the marks of exams to parents via SMS. Believe us, UKIC Online’s teaching method will make you forget about the digital barrier. You will feel like you are sitting in the class, but with the sweet comfort of your home. UKIC’s tried and tested teaching methods have indeed received tremendous appraisal from both parents and students and have proved to be very efficient in the online teaching process

What content is provided in the course at UKICOnline?

For Accounts and Statistics, we provide all the sums that are in textbooks along with live sessions, PYQs (Previous Year Questions) and notes.

For Economics and Organization of Commerce (BA), we provide live sessions, notes related to it and quizzes to evaluate after the lecture.


Apart from that, we also give specially created lecture tests and regular exams to the students. Wholesome education from the comfort of your home is only possible with UKICOnline

What content is provided in doubt-solving sessions?

During the doubt-solving sessions, we provide step-wise solutions to all the difficult as well as essential questions where students are bound to have doubts or make mistakes.

Is any additional material required to be solved after this course?

Our team of experts have worked day and night to provide you with the best content. Past examination questions, revision test papers and expert-curated most test papers are sufficient to score the desired marks.

How can I ask for doubts?

Our content has been created and curated in such a way that it can be easily understood. Separate doubt-solving live lectures are also provided with the package to ensure that all the doubts are solved. However, if you still have any doubts, a comments section is also provided where you may ask your doubts. Moreover, you may contact our faculty by taking a prior appointment by contacting the phone number provided below.

Is there any restriction on the number of devices that can access UKIC Online?

Yes. A maximum of one device can log in at a time. You can log in from two web browsers and two Mobile Apps. If another unknown device logs in, an error is displayed. Do not worry, contact us on +91 8160899431.

For which classes is UKIC Online available?

UKIC Online is available for classes 11 and 12 at the school level and B.com at the college level.

What payment methods do you accept at UKIC?

We accept payment through cash, checks, debit cards, credit cards, UPI applications and electronic bank transfers.

What is unique about UKIC Online? In what way is it different from other online commerce coaching classes?

UKIC Online provides in-depth material, during live lectures, that is sufficient to have comprehensive knowledge about the concepts. Unlike other online classes, doubt-solving sessions are held where the faculty does not give up until every doubt of the student is solved. Apart from that, we believe that each student is unique in his/her way. Therefore, we try to reach every student personally to understand his/her point of view on a given concept. As a result of this, UKIC Online provides the best commerce classes.

How can I track my child's academic progress?

We send daily reports of your child’s attendance in live lectures along with the status of homework and assignment completion and exam marks via Whatsapp, e-mail and SMS. Apart from these, we also send a weekly as well as a monthly progress report of your child via e-mail and Whatsapp. There is nothing to worry about. You will be able to follow each step of your child on his way to success.

How can I enrol at UKIC Online?

You can enrol from our website or contact our counsellor on +91 7046094587



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