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  • 05 JAN, 2022


Planning a career can be one of the most tiring tasks one could ever think of. In this process of deciding which career path to be chosen, one needs to take into consideration certain points which will help him/her to decide which career suits them the best. Most of the time students take up their careers due to peer pressure or after getting influenced by their friends but one should really take their choice of career seriously, for its going to determine how you will lead your whole life and we can’t bear making wrong decisions at such a crucial stage of our life. That is the reason why we are especially writing this blog where we have curated some of the best career planning tips for students, especially for commerce students.

Tip 1: Know what interests you/drives you: Knowing what interests you can be one of the best advantages to your career planning spree, if you’re unaware of what you should opt out you should note down your interests, search down fields related to those interests, look out for prospects and the whole money making scenario and then decide it for yourself, what you would like to go for. Interest is an integral part in whatever career you choose, if it doesn’t interests you, there’s no worth in doing it because what you choose right now is going to define your whole life.

Tip 2: if there’s something you don’t know about, do enough research: If you’re looking out for options and there’s something you’re unaware of then you must do an extensive research about that particular field, jot down points about it, both merits and demerits and then and only then you should make an opinion/decision about it.

Tip 3: avoid getting influenced by your friends: there may arrive a time and stage where your career choices will vary with that of your friends, maybe your best friend is taking up a completely different stream than what you’ve chosen for yourself, but you should make sure that this should not be able to change your perspective/decision because it’s not necessary that you’ll always share the same set of interests/perspectives as your friends. You both have a separate life and thus the decision should also be yours only.

Tip 4: Ask your mentor or a career counsellor for the guidance: Having a mentor during this time can be highly beneficial because as a mentor one is supposed to give unbiased suggestions to you and as he/she being your mentor knows your caliber, they can guide you in the decision making process. If there’s nobody whom you consider as your mentor then you should seek help of a career counsellor, for they are experts in this field and will provide you with a completely different perspective about things you might’ve never thought of before.

Tip 5: Ask your parents whether they are happy with the work they’re doing and take suggestions: You should always reach out to your parents whenever you’re skeptical about certain things and nothing’s helping you at all. What you can do is, you can ask your parents whether they are happy with whatever work they’re doing and if they are, what had made them stuck to their profession for such a long period of time. Take suggestions and put yourself in your dream work-situation and imagine whether you’d be happy with the field you’ve chosen for yourself or not. That will stricken-out almost all of your doubts.

Tip 6: Try to ask the experts from your family about the designated field you’re willing to go for: If there’s someone in your family, who is already working in a field you yourself are willing to go for, then you should schedule a call or a meeting with them, ask them about the perks of being in that field and also the disadvantages that come along with it, that will provide you with the clearest of perspective about that field and you’ll be able to make a proper decision for yourself.

Tip 7: Also look for the prospects of your field in abroad (if any): Now well, imagine this; you’ve chosen a field for yourself and have also figured out what really interests you but there can be a possibility that the field you’re aiming for is not that popular in the country you are currently based in and that if you really want to work in that field you’ll have to move abroad for better prospects, then in that case also you should look out for universities and companies based in abroad, providing education and employment opportunities in your designated field. This here is also an important factor to take into consideration before making a career choice because there’s no point in wasting money in it if it’s not going to pay you back.

Thus, these were some of the tips you should consider before making a career choice, and oh! If you’ve taken commerce as your stream and are unclear about what to do after your 12th then you need not to worry because we’ve got your back. Give us a call or drop by our institute and we’ll figure it out together.

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