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  • 11 SEP, 2021


Parents often tell their kids that they have to just work hard till 10th and then there will be no tension at all. But is it really true? Because frankly speaking, the process of education is a never ending cycle. Where tension and confusion are also part of the process. Everyone out there thinks that life after 10th will be less complicated and much easier but originally the real game begins at this point only. Amidst the chaos and enjoyment followed after 10th, there comes the moment when the results are out and that’s where the decision is to be taken to decide our own fate and to mould the path on which our goals are to be achieved. So out of all the available streams, if you have opted for commerce, ignoring the advices given by your relatives and friends because you knew that the field of commerce is like an ocean which carries ample of opportunities which people are mostly unaware of, and are looking for an Institute which can provide you with in-depth education in the field you’ve chosen, then you my friend have chosen one of the best options available out there! From here, I’ll guide you further in your way to let you find it for yourself, why UKIC is one of the best commerce institutes of Ahmedabad.

UKIC (Udayan Kachchhy Institute of Commerce) is not just an institute but it’s a place where education is celebrated, which believes in providing education par excellence to their students. UKIC never considers education as a profession but on the contrary it considers education as a chance to nurture the lives of the students by providing them effective and proper education. Speaking about our students generally, students always think of education as a burden but here at UKIC education feels like a gentle breeze. The process of education here at UKIC is quite revolutionary. Here, the lectures are supported by PPTs along with interactive video sessions regarding respective topics. Here, at UKIC has we’ve come up with an interesting concept of daily lecture tests, which helps the students in remembering and revising important topics on day to day basis. Here, certain important topics are also explained with the help of flowcharts to make the process of learning easier and to make a long lasting impact on our students’ minds. UKIC is one of its own kind because we came up with the concept online learning way before Covid existed.

UKIC Online ( is a platform where students can avail lectures and reading materials online, anywhere, anytime this is one of the most revolutionary change brought up in the field of education by UKIC because as mentioned earlier, we were amongst the first institutes to include online learning as a revolutionary step to bring a change in the old conventional process of teaching. Even during the time when the global pandemic had hit us, UKIC didn’t stop. Not even for a day but in fact we started imparting advanced quality education with even more determination towards our students.  Here, our staff is so supportive and friendly that we are always ready to solve every single doubt of our students with sheer enthusiasm. Our students consider us as family and hence personal attention is given to each and every students. UKIC is not just an institute but it’s a whole different vibe, UKIC is like a second home for our students, where all of them are treated with equal love and care. UKIC holds the ability of pushing its students up to any extent for the achievement of their personal goals. Rather than academics we at UKIC also focus upon extra-curricular activities and organize seminars and workshops time by time to encourage our children to think out of the box and to develop a different perspectives be it film making workshop, unlocking young minds, stories of our time etc.

We at UKIC never let our students feel the burden to study, but on the contrary also take care about the refreshment of students. Along with other aspects discipline, punctuality and hard work are some of the necessities at UKIC and no compromise is allowed in it. Home-work, lecture test papers are also checked regularly and parents are also notified about day to day progress of their child which also provides the necessary satisfaction to the parents. Along with that, timely PTMs are organized with parents to share insights about their child’s progress which also provides a sigh of satisfaction to the parents. Punch in and out messages are delivered daily to the parents. FAs and SAs are also conducted regularly to keep students on the hook and well prepared for their school examination, for 12th students morning sessions, podcast series were also introduced to help them with time management and on investing how much time on which subject.

With all the efforts of the right people in the right direction every year UKIC succeeds in getting ranks all over in the board exams.

UKIC stands on 3 pillars Dr. Udayan Kachchhy, Ms. Khushalee Kachchhy, Mrs. Neelam Kachchhy supported by the efficient tutors and staff here at UKIC.

UKIC is a self-made institution investing in the process of converting a student or child into a responsible and capable individual.

It can be one of the best decisions of your life if you choose to experience life at UKIC by yourself.

It’s better to think upon it today rather than regretting afterwards

We think we’ve provided you with enough information so that you can conclude that UKIC is one of the best institutes for commerce you’re ever going to find!

If you’re still in doubt, drop us a call and discover it yourself!


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