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  • 11 SEP, 2021


We presume here that now as it’s been more than two years since the global pandemic hit our lives, we should be far from that denial phase that “Maybe everything will get back to normal” and that “Nothing has changed” because duh!? Who doesn’t know that since Covid got intertwined into our lives, nothing has remained as same as it used to be. Be it in terms of education, logistics, corporate world, the field of Art/Artists/Musicians everything has changed completely and it has kind of forced us to look at the world in a new light.

Especially talking about the field of education, long gone are the days when students used to carry their loaded bags on their shoulders and used to sit on those wooden benches gossiping with their friends all day long. This whole imagery has been completely replaced with students sitting in front of their digital devices learning from their houses free from those boring uniforms, attending lectures while not having to get out of their blankets, and teachers learning new techniques to make online education as fun as possible. Each coin has two separate sides of it but don’t you think that if it’s the convenience we’re discussing, the needle is a little more in the favor of online education and all the perks of it? Though it’s quite understandable, this fear most of the parents these days are feeling that maybe this whole transition will somehow effect their child’s overall development (academically) and might push him a little down than where he used to be, but trust us there’s nothing to worry about actually because as you’re reading this right now, you are very close to say goodbye to this fear of yours regarding your child’s academic future now that he/she has taken up the vast field of Commerce. If you’re specifically looking for best online classes for std. 11th and 12th, probably your search ends here.

We at UKIC (Udayan Kachchhy Institute of Commerce) have been existing in this field of providing online education way before even Covid existed because well, convenience of both our students and their parents has been our motto ever-since the beginning of this grand endeavor, our Founder and Director Dr. Udayan Kachchhy had envisioned. We at UKIC are determined to provide quality online education in the field of commerce and that’s because of this diversified experience we (as a collective) and our faculties have gained over the years.

Our faculties have proved their worth in front of thousands of students whom we’ve taught over the course of time. Our unique style of teaching and experience is what’s always keeping us a bit ahead than others who have just started out into this field (specifically this platform/format of providing education).

Okay, so enough with us beating the bushes and we’ll go straight to the benefits of online education:

Convenience: Well, convenience is one of the biggest advantages of online education because just think about this: It enables you to get access to each and every thing; be it lectures, exam papers, assignments at your fingertips. You won’t have to do the extra work of waking up, getting ready to go to your school/college because you’ll just be able to attend them while sitting at your couch.

[We at UKIC have been working on making online education as efficient as we can, providing lectures as per your pace, making them available to you for a longer period of time & instant doubt solving sessions for the students of std. 11th and 12th commerce]

Pocket Friendly: online education is of course pocket friendly, considering the fact that it actually reduces your commute expenses and spares that money for you.

[We have been providing online education at one of the most nominal and reasonable prices one could ever think of, while not even 1% compromising with the quality of education we are determined to provide]

Better time management: Now that you’re able to attend the lectures at your own time and space it actually keeps you less occupied for the rest of the day and you can enroll yourself to learn some new courses and stuff.

[We at UKIC also organize several webinars and online workshops for the holistic development of our students and so that they’re made capable to excel in any of the fields they desire to go for.

In depth understanding of the topics: We at UKIC aim to provide an insightful and in depth understanding of the topics as compared to our peers. Online education enables one to take up education as not just like the old boring way but in a pretty much advanced and never seen before forth dimensional way.

With the advancement of modern technology, online education is going to achieve new heights day by day and trust us, soon the world is going to change and so will us, have to comply and get adaptive of it.

UKIC is probably one of the best online classes for commerce you’re ever going to get if quality education in the field of Commerce is what you are looking for.

I think that we have probably cleared the slightest doubt which was in your mind regarding the benefits of online education, still if you’re yet not sure, drop us a call and see for yourself!

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