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  • 05 JAN, 2022


Well, well, well! Do we even have to start writing this blog? Because well, who is unaware of the fact that one should take their board exams seriously, while constantly being reminded of it from our peers and parents? No doubt board exams are considered a BIG deal in our society, and it takes a massive toil out of us both institutes and students studying in those institutes. But here the question should be, Why one take their board exams seriously be it a student of Std. 10th or 12th.

Several transitional movements exist in a student’s life. The very first transition occurs when he moves further from Nursery to the primary section. Second transition occurs when he moves further from primary to secondary and then from secondary to higher secondary. During all these years several transitional factors lead to changes in their own personality and academic development. Then comes your 10th std. Your 10th is like a revolutionary period of your life because from here everything changes. The monotonous way of schooling, same subjects that, you’ve been studying for years, are now going to change.

10th board is an important even in any person’s life because from here the foundation stone is laid, what you decide in your 10th and how you score in your 10th board exams is going to determine the path you’ll be walking in your future. This is probably the age and the stage when you realize that you’re not a kid anymore and that now, life is going to be much more than your daily routine, whatever you did all these years was in a way a preparation to face what awaits you from here. It matters a lot at this stage to have a clear perspective about life and will to make decisions for yourselves. Whatever stream you choose from here is going to determine the life you have chosen for you. Whether it is commerce, science or humanities you should never degrade a stream, for each stream has its own sets of opportunities and provides better prospect to whosoever is willing to delve deep into it. This point is all about knowing what drives you and what according to you can be the best option for you in the future.

The most important transitional point after 10th is 12th. Now that you’ve already chosen what field suits you the best, it’s time to further choose specifically which field of work suits you the best considering the stream you’ve chosen for yourself. Most of the students are by this time acquainted with the several prospects their stream has to demand and have already started working towards their goals. It is important to score good grades in your 12th and ace your board exams because the marks you’ll be scoring here will help you with your admissions in your designated colleges where you’re aiming to get admission into. Scoring good marks in your 12th and securing admission in a prestigious college, in your dream course will give an impetus to your morale. It’ll boost your morale and will provide you with the drive you require towards the achievement of your goal. Good college = good peer relationships = better friendships = exchanging of ideas = relationships for live. All of these things depend upon how you score in your board exams.

Though, putting all of these facts aside, if we look at it this way, our parents are also an important force which drives us, which pushes us to ace our exams. Its them who are investing their money, time, efforts, everything; so that we can get to some point in our life, achieve something, reach at a certain stage. Sometimes it’s not just about your own self, sometimes it also has to be about your parents. There should be a fire within you to make your parents proud, to give results of the efforts they’re putting in for you, days and nights they’re sacrificing for you. Whenever you demand something from them, do they ever refuse getting you that thing you just demanded? Never, right? Then shouldn’t it be our responsibility to give a reward to them in return of their sacrifices? The least they’re asking from you is an assurance, that their efforts are not going in vain and that you’re constantly working to pay their efforts back. Even if not for your own self, you can at least try to stay a little more focused and ambitious, just for the sake of your parents, can’t you?

The reasons why you should take your board exams seriously are innumerous, but there’s always very little will in the students to work towards their goals, these days we humans want everything on a platter but that’s not how things work most of the time. If you want it, you’ve got to work for it. For when there is a will, there’s always a way.

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